My name is Daniel Gonzalez. I am 8 years old. I have been fighting stage 3 A.L.L (Leukemia) for 7 years. I was diagnosed April 22, 2010, when I was 1 year old. It started with me falling all the time. I began to get bruises all over my body and my doctor thought that I broke my leg. One night when I turned very yellow and had a fever, my mom took me to the emergency room. There she was told that they thought I had Leukemia. They ambulanced me over to Loma Linda University Children's Hospital. There it was confirmed that I did have Leukemia and needed to start treatment right away.

A nurse shaved off all of my hair, I stopped walking, stopped talking and didn't want to eat. I had my first surgery when my doctor's placed my Port-A-Cath in my chest. I lived in the hospital for months and went through treatment for 3 years.

In June 2013 I finished chemotherapy and was finally free. I was excited to go to school and do things I was never able to do. In March 2014 I finally got my Port-A-Cath removed from my chest and was able to play with my brother. My parents were able to have their wedding in April and I was told I was going to have another little brother. We had a great summer and I was excited to start school. However, something was not right.

I started getting bruises again and was so tired all of the time. My mom kept taking me to the doctor, but they told me I was alright. One day, while my mom was at work, they called her and told her that she needed to bring me to the hospital right away. My nurses put me in a room and took my mom to a conference room filled with Doctors, Nurses and hospital staff. They told my mom "It's back." It was time to fight again. I had to get another Port-A-Cath in my chest and start chemotherapy all over again.

I did not understand what was going on, or why my mom kept crying. I began taking the chemo, and my hair started to fall out all over. I started treatment the day before I was supposed to have my first day of school. I was so sad. We went through another 2 years of treatment in the hospital and in the clinic. I spent birthdays and holidays in the hospital. I missed out on so much but I needed to fight for my life.

On September 10th 2016 I had my last dose of chemo and I am scheduled to have my Port-A-Cath removed again June 2017. Cancer has made me scared, made me cry, scream and get angry, but I have reached the finish line twice with the help of my family and my medical team at Loma Linda. This year I will be 9 years old and I am the oldest brother of 4. I was not supposed to make it this far, as the chemotherapy itself almost took my life... but God has big plans for me.